The Best Toilet Award of the Bay
Identifying the best toilet spaces of the Bay Area 

After months of searching, we have chosen the 14 finalists based on all public nominations!


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$17,550 USD raised

$30,000 USD

"Toilet is the key of hospitality."

The Best Toilet Award of the Bay honors the best toilet spaces in the Bay Area.

The best toilet spaces that the Bay (Bay Area, California) has to offer take more than an award to appreciate. After all, every toilet space seems to have its own story and background, whether it's a restroom behind a bistro or a washroom by the hotel lobby. We care about the feelings when stepping into a toilet space. The Best Toilet Award of the Bay aims at promoting the importance of toilet spaces of the food and hospitality industry in the Bay Area, and together we hope to raise public awareness on hygiene and to appreciate the hospitality community who has worked on toilet spaces.

100% of the funds generated from this Award will be utilized to further develop education in the culinary and hospitality industry, specifically towards Open Restaurant Help Lives to create educational restaurants that hire retirees and students to serve the community.


Anyone can select favorite toilet spaces

Check out the Official Rules page for details
Click on 'Nominate' on this website to nominate your favorite toilet space: Now until December 5, 2021. Only toilet spaces in commercial settings (restaurants, hotels, etc.) in the Bay Area* are eligible for entry. 

From all nominations, 12 nominations will be selected by the Award committee to become Finalists: December 6 - 27, 2021

Public will vote on the one winner of each category (total of 6) from the 12 finalists: December 29, 2021 - January 28, 2022

Winners will be announced on February 4, 2022, and will be awarded on the 18th of the month. 5 of all participants who nominated in the nomination period or in the winner voting period will be selected to receive prizes on that day. 

* Counties of the Bay Area include Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, and San Francisco.


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Categories of Awards

Each category will have one winner. Please check back on Dec. 28 to select your favorite toilet and you can also win prizes!